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Architecture & development in Milan

Place was founded in 2005, in Milan, by four professionals united by friendship and a twenty-year working relationship. The union of different professional profiles, all linked to the world of architecture, construction, real estate market dynamics and communications has given life to a quite unique business concern, a one-of-a-kind creative workshop. 


Place Architettura develops all projects by taking into consideration not only traditional aesthetic and functional aspects but due to complexity of today’s architectural landscape, also a sizeable array of themes and topics.


The well-established rules of commercial design are combined with a more sensorial architectural composition, thus respecting all the many facets and demands of modern living.


Thanks to twenty years of experience in the real estate sector, Place Real Estate is able to offer carefully selected properties to its clients, marketing both prestigious residences and new buildings. The main objective of Place Real Estate remains customer satisfaction: the Client is always shown great care and is given the utmost attention.


Today more than ever we turn to architectural design and planning integrated with real estate development. Research into the architectural element must continually measure up to the contemporary urban fabric so only an in-depth knowledge of it can guarantee growth and opportunities in the complex and articulated building development field.

Way To Contact Us.

We are open from Monday to Friday / 09:00 – 19:00


Piazzale Francesco Baracca, 2. 20123 Milano

02 8738 4276