It is possible to compose volumes with every type of material; the artistic genius finds tools and ways to evoke, even with incorporeal materials such as glass and steel, well-defined spaces and impenetrable volumes.” (Walter Gropius, Bauhaus centenary)

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Place Architettura develops all projects by taking into consideration not only traditional aesthetic and functional aspects but due to complexity of today’s architectural landscape, also a sizeable array of themes and topics.

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Perfect Project Planning

The architectural project, broadly understood as a community, requires different skills to respond to today’s essential communications requirements and to transmit the creative process to different cultural containers. All this must occur within a framework where the connection with both the historic spaces and the new living volumes is important.
The thrust toward the new architectural element must continually compete with the existing urban fabric: only a thorough knowledge of the latter can guarantee growth and opportunity for the construction sector. New buildings must take into account the current interest in eco-sustainability and, thanks to passive design, combine comfort with energy efficiency by paying close attention to the environment and to the dispersion of CO2 and PM10.
Nowadays the architectural “skin” is almost a field of study per se, from the cladding of the buildings to the many suggestions for the interiors, all the way through to the use of light, volumes and colours. It is possible to imagine and create different environments and innovative surroundings: composition today is, more than ever, materials focused.
These days, the main characteristic required of architecture is its ability to attract and it seems that, in our image-centred times, even architectural works must adapt to this visual competition.


Opportunities and new housing needs, in relation to the urban context in which they are located.
Starting from the design phase and the engineering process through to the works on site, the artistic direction and works management, to the final construction.

Interior Design

The design of new interior spaces that takes into account contemporary architecture’s tastes and enhances its spaces and volumes.
The renovation of spaces in which new and old can dialogue and enhance each other, paying close attention to the lighting design and to the choice of materials and furnishings.