B&B bc maison

Description of Works Carried out

The project dealt with the restructuring and transformation of an office unit into a tourist B&B located in a 1950s apartment block with stone decorations typical of the historical period.

Client : b&b BC MAISON

Project: Place Milano

Project Date : 2014

Project Description

In addition to the total renovation of the service systems, the project provided for the refurbishment of all interior spaces, in order to create the bedrooms and relaxation areas necessary for tourist. Both the entire unit and the individual rooms have been designed in a functional yet elegant style, so as to take advantage of all the space with a few simple furnishings.
One of the elements characterizing the bedrooms is the satin finish, milk white glass panel used for the shower block, which becomes a lighting component and, at the same time, a separating element.
The lighting fixtures in the rooms are mainly indirect, whereas in particular locations directional spotlights were used.
The colours used are mainly light and bright with warmer and darker accents on some of the walls.
Industrial materials were sourced and selected: white parquet flooring was paired with the burnished industrial sheet iron used for the entrance and the steps. Parts of the structural reinforced cement walls were left exposed.