Fantoni 24

Fantoni 24 is a building located in the northwest of the city of Milan, within the district comprising the Washington and San Siro areas, between Via Rembrandt and Viale Aretusa.
The project is located in a milanese residential setting, full of personal and social services such as bars, restaurants, schools, supermarkets and an efficient transport connection via buses and metro lines.


Project: Place Milano

Intervention Date: 2019-21

Location: Milano

5 unità immobiliari

The project involves the renovation of two attics, one on the second floor and the other on the fourth floor, located within the same building. The building roof is raised, recreating, at this level, the architectural design of the floors below. The design of the balcony connecting the units is therefore reintroduced and the accesses diversified through the introduction of two distinct staircases.

The project envisages the construction of five real estate units, consisting of studio, two and three bedroom flats – all apartments enjoy exclusive inset roof terraces.