House C

Description of Works Carried out

The renovations have interested the entire flat, which, because of its long and relatively narrow floor plan, required the study of ad hoc measures and space enhancing solutions. The flat in on the 4th floor thus enjoying very good natural light on all aspects.

Client : Private

Project: Place Milano

Project Date : 2016

Project Description

The original unidirectional layout has influenced the refurbishment of the spaces. The entrance hall merges into living and dining areas and the slightly curved corridor, marked by large, made-to-measure cupboards, leads to the kitchen area.
Specially chosen architectural elements of interior design have characterised the house’s development such as the sliding Smart Privacy panel dividing the corridor from the kitchen, some of the bathroom fittings and lighting fixtures.
Particular attention was given to the choice of lighting solutions in the living, kitchen and corridor areas and in the bathrooms where, together with dropped ceilings, a play on light and shade was created.
All living areas enjoy wonderful natural light, which was emphasised with the use of the colour white; the bedrooms areas are characterised by darker colours, with the colour grey visually separating the two areas of the flat.The floors of the flat are all laid with parquet flooring in warm oak whereas for the bathrooms dark coloured resins were chosen.