House E

Description of Works Carried out

The flat is located on the top floor of a late 1960s building; the interior space is typically divided parallel to the main corridor, along the more exposed side of the house.

Client : Private

Project: Place Milano

Intervention Date : 2018

Location : Milano

Project Description

The flat is located to the west of Albenga’s town centre.

Approx. 90 sq. m.

The renovations involve the complete restructuring of the spaces with the aim of obtaining two bedrooms, two bathrooms and an open plan living room and kitchen.

The client’s goal was to make the most of the available floor space and not to characterise the apartment with “marine” connotations, despite it being in a seaside town.

The flat enjoys an abundance of natural light; the goal was to recreate a similar effect in the remaining rooms through indirect lighting.

To enhance the brightness to the full, predominantly light shades and materials have been used.

Some details were left unfinished and were combined with large-format marble-effect ceramic tiles; in the bathroom, the wrought iron used for many of the details balances the choice of materials and bathroom suite.