House O

Description of Works Carried out

The flat is on the 2nd floor of an early 1900s building. It had seeing a few prior minor alterations but still followed the original plan with a long corridor, blind on one side, and with all the rooms coming off the other side.

Client : Private Client

Project: Place Milano

Intervention Date : 2018

Location : Milano

Project Description

The flat is located in a residential area between Piazza Napoli and Via Washington, particularly interesting today since the new Metro/Railway link of the M4 will go through there.

Around 85 sq. m.

The renovations take into account both the partial retrieval of a number of original features and the overturning of the previous floor plan of the house. On one side the restoring of certain newly discovered original flooring, doors and ceilings, on the other the extension of the service areas and the living and kitchen areas, including the opening of a new window to give double aspects to the flat.

The original marble chip tiles (Marmette) were discovered under subsequent flooring and, in order to give a more homogeneous feel to the area, a grey, resin effect self-levelling smoothing product (called a “Livellina”) was also used.

The opening of a new window has substantially increased natural light. The new lighting layout follows the dropped ceilings design.

The choice of light colours combines perfectly with the peculiarities of some of the flooring.

The choice of materials has been conditioned by the need to harmonise the old retrieved flooring with a self-levelling “Livellina” compound; the only difference is found in the master bathroom where marine teak was used for the floor.