Loft conversion

Description of Works Carried out

Renovation and conversion of a loft in a small 1920s building.

Client : Private

Project: Place Milano

Project Date : 2012

Project Description

Weights and materials used in the renovations had to be carefully analysed for their suitability within a building of 1920s. The ceiling beams structure is recalled in the division of interior spaces which, in turn, create a subtle dialogue with the outside area and the light. Huge sliding doors allow natural light to inundate the living and dining areas providing wonderful brightness all day long. The material used: lime wash, glossy and opaque enamel, tempera in light colours give a serene and luminous rhythm to the premises. In contrast to these, the staircase is laid with a coating dark sheet iron plates. The living areas are laid with Turkish stone whereas the bedrooms and bathrooms are laid with parquet flooring and slate tiles respectively.