Olivia Gelato

Location’s Characteristics

Located in Piazzale Aquileia, the small retail shop is characterised by simple but decisive choices, such as being completely open towards the square, but also by the desire to be a reference point for a pleasant break.

Client : Olivia SNC

Project: Place Milano

Intervention Date : 2018

Location : Milano, Piazzale Aquileia

Project Description

The Owners’ twenty-year experience in the art of ice cream, combined with the desire to have s strong identity and style profile, have highlighted the stylistic and architectural choices adopted. The study of colour palette, the choice of light fittings and the definition of every single detail have contributed to making this a really special place.

The right hand side wall, with its obvious and continuous polygons extrusions, characterises the room and is well balanced by the wall on the left in spatulate cement. On the other hand, the bathroom’s eccentric colours and romantic furnishings speaks a very different voice.

The light fittings have been combined with the chosen architectural elements, thus spot lights for the walls and wallpaper with diffused lighting for the surrounding space.

The colours define a decisive yet delicate and elegant spirit: contrasting greys and blues married within a context of warm wood laid on the ceiling. The wall separating the coffee machine from the sales and eating areas with sliding panels is in perfect harmony with the site’s characteristics.

Apparently cold materials, such as cement coloured Grès porcelain tiles on the floors, some surfaces left rough are warmed by the equilibrium of every single detail, designed and produced to answer the specific needs of the surrounding space.