Property reconversion

Description of Works Carried out

The building was originally an old abandoned and dilapidated barn in the middle of the countryside. Thus a complete renovation of the building was decided upon.

Client : Private

Architect : Emanuele Stella

Project Date : 2008

Project Description

The project’s objective was to create a family residence fulfilling all their practical needs and all building and seismic regulations.
The building has undergone complex restoration and rehabilitation works, including its foundations, the wall structures in which connectors and structural reinforcements have been inserted, and the roof.
It was decided to preserve the original exterior rustic structure as much as possible through the use of local stone, which also becomes the main feature of the interior spaces, thanks to the wise interplay between stone and plastered walls.
A linear and simple design, in line with the volume of the rustic itself, was chosen for all external windows and doors to optimise the admission of natural light.
The predominant colours are the beige shades of the local stone for the
exteriors, while in the interior walls in the same shades were alternated with limewashed walls.
The exterior walls are of stones and pebbles, while the interior flooring was made of stone paving from local quarries. For interior finishes, the walls were plastered in brushed lime wash and wooden window frames were used.