Stephenson 85

The new Tower is part of the North-West Milan area, already the subject of extensive urban regeneration thanks to the World Expo, which led to a redevelopment of the urban suburbs with, for example, the creation of the “Cascina Merlata Social Village”.
The location is full of novel elements redefining the new urban living, in constant search for new spaces surrounded by nature and away from the chaotic city life.

Client: Stephenson85

Project: Place Milano

Intervention Date: 2019/2020

Location: Milano

Sup: 7.000 mq

The Tower consists of fifteen floors, with the Ground Floor and part of the First Floor intended for commercial use. The subsequent floors are for residential use and are characterised by medium and large size units to meet every type of housing requirement.
The exterior cladding is treated with innovative materials, whilst particular attention is given to every detail carefully considering the sinuosity of the balconies’ profiles intended to accommodate household plants and greenery.

From the third to the ninth floor we find residential units as two-room apartments, from the tenth to the fourteenth floors are composed of three-room apartments as well as the fifteenth floor, which leads to the respective terraces, the best window to better enjoy the seasons.