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The Place group works within a proven smart structure, since its four departments, individually and as a whole, have a multifaceted and comprehensive experience in the architectural, real estate and communications fields.
Place is located in the centre of Milan, in a historic building between Piazzale Baracca and Corso Magenta, near the UNESCO site of Santa Maria delle Grazie and its world famous Da Vinci Last Supper. Place’s structure, although primarily a workplace, represents a space where comparison and daily growth can flourish. It can also be used as a location for cultural, corporate and social initiatives.

Our Story

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Place is based on ethical principles shared by all its colleagues, who believe in the value of diversity, sustainability and circularity.
Place shares in the “Plastic free” campaign, promoted by Lega Ambiente and the Municipality of Milan, and only uses reusable or recyclable materials within its spaces.

Alessandro Spagliardi

Designer and Project Manager

Daniele Pezzulla

Sales Manager

Silvio Pelosi

Project Manager