House V

Location’s Characteristics

The premises are located close to the Porta Romana Railway Station and near the Prada Foundation.

Client : Private

Project: Place Milano

Intervention Date : 2015

Location : Milano

Project Description

The project entailed the refurbishment of a private loft on two floors: on the first floor the living areas and on the second floor the bedrooms. A suspended staircase, the real focal point of the whole setting, connects the two floors.

The staircase is viewed as an architectural feature, not only connecting the two floors, but also acting as a visual partition separating the living and dining areas.
Suspended netting was playfully used for the relaxation area on the second floor.

In view of the nature of the structure, natural light comes in from above thanks to long, rectangular industrial steel windows (called “Sheds”).

The predominantly white colour gives added brightness to the space.
The furnishings and upholsteries are slate grey.